Alfman drawing courtesy of
Alfman – drawing courtesy of

I love drawing and keeping sketchbooks.

They allow me to travel back in time to see how I became who I am today.

This drawing of Alfman was done in 1989.  Yes, even back then, I was a geek.  :)

Happy Batman day!  and Happy 75th Bat-i-versary to one of my heroes….Batman. (Click here to subscribe to my free mailing list and get your free art gear guide)

Sail Away Girl Cooks...Cover
Sail Away Girl Cooks…. Book Cover Illustration

Hoist up yer forks mateys! Dive into a delightful cookbook by my friend Elizabeth Aristeguieta

I am honored to have been able to provide the inkling sketches for Elizabeth’s book, “Sail Away Girl Cooks…A Little Bit for Now:A Sailor and her Cooking Stories”. (Click here to subscribe to my free mailing list and get your free art gear guide)

37: Water guns

How many times have you got trapped in your own mind to only let the days drift by feeling smothered like a sardine in the tin of non-creativity?  I know this happens to me on occasion when there are many projects swirling around in my head at the same time.  There is solution that has worked for me to get from smothered non-creative sardine to frolicking creative dolphin.

That brings me to today’s word in our continuing 42 Words To A Better You blog series.

Word #37:  Water Guns  (okay.  it’s 2 words, but let’s just pretend that it is one.)


water guns photo courtesy of

water guns photo courtesy of


So, you may be asking yourself, “What is with this guy and his fishy references?”  Well, I’m not about to start spinning some ancient mariner yarns, but I am going to to be talking about water.  I’ve been feeling too “adult-like” lately and losing my inner child.  Which for a creative like me is a very frustrating thing.  Don’t get me wrong, of course there are times where we need to be mature and responsible adults, but there are times when we need to let out the care-free and playful  kid inside.

Here are some positive advantages that I have experienced by expressing my inner child:

  • Increase in Creativity – by “lowering your shields” (as said by many a Star Trek captain) you allow yourself to become vulnerable and emerged into the world on a new and refreshing level.  Your mind is challenged is look at and solve problems in new and inventive ways.
  • Increase is Energy – who doesn’t know of a kid that can continuously run around for hours and hours?   Being cooped up in an office or a slave to your computer all day can make you physically (and mentally) tired.  Getting outside in the fresh air and running around raises your energy level and increase your blood flow.  It’s simply good the body and mind.
  • Increase in Freedom – Something magical happens when you give yourself permission to “cut loose, footloose, and kick off those Sunday shoes”  (yes, I did just somehow channel my inner Kenny Loggins…. thank God you are not able to hear me singing now).  Your mind, body, and soul free themselves from the shackles of the 9-5 clock and are allowed to simply exist and be whatever you want them to be.  No permission is required to go out and have fun. You become the fun.

So, here is where the water guns come in.  One way I recently forced myself to get out of my own mind was to go out and buy water guns.  What a great way to get outside, cut loose, run around with my son, solve challenges (like finding the best places to hide), and simply be a 43 year old kid!

So, be playful and Live Creatively!

Action Step

Write down 3 things that ‘triggers’ your fun memories as a kid.  Take the time to do at least one thing on that list today.

I would love to hear your ideas.  Leave your comments below so that others can be inspired from you.


"re-ignite" inkling sketch by jason j nicholas

Sometimes we are all so selfish and stupid to get bogged down in the little things in life. The unnecessarily controlling daily minutiae. This narrow sighted vision of life neglects the real truths that are out there. The real issues at hand. The reasons for gratitude become lost. The heartfelt connection with another person disintegrates. The laughter of a child is silenced. The spark of excitement in your soul is outshone by the screen of data you stare at.

Why do we let circumstances control us? When we are the ones in control. Why do we let the weight of others pull us down rather than propel us to new heights? Why is it that the ticking of the clock is heard louder than the laughing of your child? Why is it that portrait of a president on a green piece of paper captures our eyes over a brilliant sunrise or sunset? Why does the clicking of the keyboard keys sing louder than the chirping of the birds outside?

It’s the big picture of life that gets lost in the narrow-sightedness we are all guilty of. The big picture. The big reason. The big answer. The big adventure. All thrown by the wayside….. for the wrong reasons. For the wrong purposes. For the wrong everything.

Put down that phone. Close the laptop lid. Turn off your iPad. These are merely tools that are mistaken as entertaining distractions.

Step outside. Spin around in a circle. Make yourself dizzy as you take in the world around you. Feel your heart race — that pounding of life in your chest that is a reminder. Awaken your soul. Reignite your passions. Reconnect with those you love. Simply….Be that spark of life you were meant to be. Simply BE ! (Click here to subscribe to my mailing list for free)

Sunset sail inkling sketch by Jason j Nicholas

We all have our special places we  go whenever we need a moment of solitude.  For me, I travel to the lighthouse in my mind on a sunset harbor.

Sketches can take you anywhere!

Where is your place of solitude?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. (iPad, paper by 53 app, pencil by 53)

Eye... inkling sketch by jason j nicholas

In the blink of an eye…… the moment passes by.

In that instance between dark and light,

there is time to refresh and re-open with new insight.

Use that blink as a moment of pause.

Simply because you can.  Just simply because.

Slow your life down to the timing of a blink.

Then time will seem to expand.  Imagine that.  Just think.

- Jason J Nicholas (

Are you always working on the "if" part of life?  "What if I could do this?"  Or, "What if I could have that?"  

It's great to to daydream.  But, WHAT IF you were able to take those dreams and turn them into reality? 
" What IF ? "

Are you always working on the “if” part of life? “What if I could do this?” Or, “What if I could have that?”

It’s great to to daydream. But, WHAT IF you were able to take those dreams and turn them into reality?

” What IF ? ” (iPad, Paper by 53 app, pencil by 53)