Remember: World Trade Center

"Remember - 911" sketch courtesy of

I worked in Hoboken during the summer of 1993. One afternoon, I took a walk and decided to sketch the NYC skyline -- a forever majestic scene. Buildings and spires piercing the sky above. Simply amazing. Little did I know back when I sketched this image what the future would hold and how the skyline would be changed forever.  Sketching is a great way to capture a moment in time.   - Jason J Nicholas

In Memory of Rick friend/mentor passed away ..... Rick Butts was an inspirationally creative and gifted man whose brilliant mind and compassionate heart will continue on in the lives of those he touched. I'm sure he is already rockin' and Rollin' the afterworld.

Your wisdom will continue our hearts.

Doggone It! Inkling Sketch

Doggone It! inkling sketch courtesy of

Not sure where this puppy came from, but that's the beauty of doing my morning inkling sketches.  When I first wake up, I put pen to paper and just start sketching and let the lines come out.  I find that by emptying my head in the morning is meditative and allows me to start the new day with the blank canvas of my mind.  Inklings are a great tool that allow you to Live Creatively!  - Jason J Nicholas

The Inner Tube Kid

"The Inner Tube Kid" inkling sketch courtesy of

Not even the spiky cactus can put a hole in the Inner Tube Kid's day! 

Be proud of your character, hold your head up high, climb on your noble steed, and ride off into the sunset as a hero!

Hearts United

"hearts united" inkling sketch courtesy of

My biggest take away from 2014.......

Even through the most tragic of times from the loss of loved ones, there is a certain beauty that unfolds in the connection of the hearts of the people in your life.

Live 2015 not with resolutions, but with a theme such as joy, peace, or compassion.

Happy New Year!