“Split” inkling sketch

"Split" inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas

“Split” inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas

Today’s inkling sketch is a reminder….that sometimes we are so busy trying to make everybody in our lives happy, that we forget to make the most important person in our lives happy…OURSELVES. Take a moment each day to do something that makes you happy.

Once you have replenished the happiness cup in your soul, then you can continue pouring for others.

Live Creatively!


"Persistence" inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas

“Persistence” inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas

This inkling is dedicated to my friend Shannon’s son, Cody, whose persistence of strength and determination during his recovery is truly inspiring!
No matter how dark the clouds may be, the sun persistently rises and ultimately shines!

“Embrace” watercolor video by Jason J Nicholas

em·brace (m-brs)
v. em·braced, em·brac·ing, em·brac·es
1. To clasp or hold close with the arms, usually as an expression of affection.
a. To surround; enclose: We allowed the warm water to embrace us.
b. To twine around: a trellis that was embraced by vines.
3. To include as part of something broader. See Synonyms at include.
4. To take up willingly or eagerly: embrace a social cause.
5. To avail oneself of: “I only regret, in my chilled age, certain occasions and possibilities I didn’t embrace” (Henry James).
To join in an embrace.

1. An act of holding close with the arms, usually as an expression of affection; a hug.
2. An enclosure or encirclement: caught in the jungle’s embrace.
3. Eager acceptance: your embrace of Catholicism.

Let It Bee

Today’s inkling is what resulted when I picked up my jumbo sharpie (not Shar Pei) and put marker to paper on a well needed break from the PC.

As with most of my inkling sketches, I had no preconceived idea of what I was going to draw. The message that resulted was timely as I have been very frustrated and stewing over an architectural project.

Drawing is a great stress reliever.

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Leave Love Alone – Inkling Sketch by Jason J Nicholas


"Leave Love Alone" inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas .

“Leave Love Alone” inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas .

Autumn is a great time of year to fall in love.  You can’t force love to happen.

Sometimes, you have to leave love alone and let your soul take over to see the magic burst into colors.

This inkling sketch is inspired by Mother Nature and how she paints the world around us with spectacular colors.


"Random acts of BBQ-ness" ... Inklings caricatures by Jason J  Nicholas

While grilling some BBQ…. I broke out some paper and pens and sketched some random inkling caricatures. Sometimes you never know when a moment of creativity will strike.

Carpe sketch’em.

Live Creatively!

"Voiture de course (racing car)" inkling sketch courtesy of www.jasonjnicholas.com

Pardon my French….but hopefully I have translated “racing car” properly.

I started this inkling sketch with my eyes closed and let the pencil (stylus) just wander on my ipad screen.

That’s one of the beautiful things about doing my inklings — you never know what the results will be. No pre-planning. It’s all improvised on the go.

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jason j nicholas_Grounds for Sculpture_stacked stones

Warning: The following post was written in a lack of Ben and Jerry’s state, but Gatorade thirst-quenched state of being……………..

As the first day of school smacks me on the side of the head and brings me back into reality from this whirlwind summer, I reflect back over the past couple of months and the word “balance” comes to mind.

This has been a summer of learning how to maintain a balance of stacking the daily stones of life one on top of another without any outside factors tip the pile over. We each have a center of gravity inside of us that defines who we are. We need to recognize that center and follow its lead.

For me, it’s my connection to the creative zen side of life…and how I can use it touch lives and make the world around me a better place….even if for a brief shining moment.

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"Grace" - inkling sketch by Jason J Nicholas

Today is a hard, yet inspirational day for me.

Today is my mom’s birthday. She unexpectedly passed 6 years ago. Still to this day, I am touched with a bit of sadness every day….and…. inspired by here every day.

My mother’s middle name was Grace. I can’t think of another word to describe her more than that. She was a graceful person. My mom touched everybody’s heart in so many different ways. She could transform people from a state of sadness to joy with her mere presence. And…this to me is inspirational.

I believe that my mom was ‘taken’ from us at her early age of 57(?) for a special reason. She was limited here on earth — limited to the amount of people she could share her altruistic nature with. Now, mom can serve an infinite amount of people. She is an angel. Her spirit now envelopes each and everyone of us like a comforting blanket of compassion (or the sweet and tasty goodness of one of her famous cream puffs filling your belly).

Yes… it’s okay to be sad by the loss of people in your life that you care about.

But, for me, it is more important to be inspired by the lessons in life they taught you. To be inspired by their unwarranted acts of kindness. To be inspired by the smiles they delivered.

To be inspired and carry on in the work that they did by giving back…..in even the simplest of ways.

Mom, thank you……………… you have done even more good than you know.

Life…….. Live Creatively!
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