• Do you feel like you are in a zombie-like state of mind wandering aimlessly throughout the day?
  •  Has your inner flame/drive has been sucked out of you by the daily grind?
  • Are you afraid of drawing, painting, or expressing yourself creatively?
  • Are you an artist or creative person looking for motivation, tips & ideas on creativity in a positive community-minded setting?

I know how you feel. My name is Jason Nicholas.   I am an architect and artist.

Born with a pencil in my mouth, I have always been passionate about exploring my creativity through art  and architecture. (don't worry, the pencil wasn't sharpened).

From my childhood architectural dreams to heart-warming artwork and humor, I express my inner creativity by sharing the gift of my imagination.

Some say I am combination of Mike Brady and Bob Ross with a touch of Dr. Seuss (without the six kids, cool afro, or Wocket in his pocket).

My goal through drawing, painting & other creative exercises is to help you....

Be more spiritually and emotionally centered in your life.

Re-awaken your inner spirit and child-like sense of play and wonder.

Be more confident and positively-minded about expressing yourself creatively.


  • Custom art commissions
  • Paintings, drawings, greeting cards
  •  Art & imagination workshops
  • Creativity coaching
  • Online courses - coming soon!
  • Artwork available for purchase

Art Mediums

  • Ink/Pencil 
  • Watercolor 
  • Acrylic
  • Mixed Media
  • Digital
  • Imagination 🙂