April 4


On Why I Create Paintings & Drawings

By Jason J Nicholas

April 4, 2020

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I never give my artwork a title until the piece is finished. I wait to see what reveals itself on the canvas. I paint from the heart. From emotion. From my core inner being. I paint when I’m in a bad mood. A good mood. A ‘whatever’ mood. I paint to stop time. To freeze a feeling. To savor a moment.

I trust in the process of creation. The process of exploring. The process of doing. I’m inspired by nature. By music. By love. By family. By architecture. By design. By food. By You. By Being.

Each artwork that I create is a piece of me. I create to share a bit of joy. Share a glimmer of hope. Share a smile. A feeling of warmth. Of wisdom. Of wit. A spark to ignite creativity. To change your mood. Your perspective. Your state of being.
Peace and Live Creatively!

Jason J Nicholas

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