40: Core- Journey to the Center of You

Welcome back to the 42 Words to a Better You countdown.

Ever find yourself in need of making a decision that could compromise your personal integrity and self worth?
I know I have.  Today’s word can help keep you on the right path.  Today’s word is “CORE”.


40. Core No.  I’m not talking about apples here, although I could go for a nice slice of apple pie right now.  I am talking about the Journey to the Center of You and your personal value system.   Core values serve as the anchors within your being, grounding and guiding you in times of decision making. Here is a brief list of some of my core values.

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Compassion
  • Ingenuity

One of my core values is reliability.  When I make a commitment, I carry it out.  Recently, I found myself overwhelmed with tasks that I committed to.  Saying “no” is hard for me to do.  But, that will be a post for another day.  Instead of making a rash decision that most certainly would have had negative implications, I referred to my core value of “reliability”, stayed up late a few nights, and completed the tasks, which in turn, have led to some great opportunities.

What are some of your core values? Make a list of your top 5 core values and review them daily to see if you are living up to who you want to be.  For some ideas, here is a list of Zappos Core Values. 

I invite you to share some of your core values in the comments below.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog and tell your friends.