32: Unplug


Are you constantly checking your email or phone?  Do have a constant itch to check your facebook or play angry birds?  Feel like you have been sucked into the technological vortex of no return where you have lost contact with the important people in your life, including yourself?  I know I am guilty. This brings us to today’s word in our 42 Words to a Better You conversation……………

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32:  Unplug

One day, my family and I were sitting at the table eating dinner.  Having everybody gathered at the table at the same time is a rare treat these days.  Instead of some great family conversation, the only sound that could be heard while we ate was the clicking of my fingernails tapping on my iPhone. Quality family time opportunity lost! Ugh!

That was my aha moment when I realized I had become a slave to technology.  My epiphany was that sometimes you have to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself and your family.

One idea for doing some unplugging and get more hugging is what we call in our house:

Unplugged Sundays.  No t.v., phones, computers on Sunday.  It’s not easy to do, and I admit that I jump on my pc late at night, but it’s so worth it.  Some of the bonding activities that Unplugged Sundays encourage in our family are:

  • Outdoor activities such as hiking or playing.
  • Creativity time for coloring, drawing, crafting.
  • Board game time.  What is more fun than sitting around the table and playing “Trouble” or “Uno”?
  • Quiet time.  Yes, it is okay to have time to bond with yourself maybe by reading, meditating, journaling.

I will admit, that not every Sunday has been a successful unplugged day.  But, I know I am on the right track when my son doesn’t get up and turn the t.v. on in the morning and also when he says, “Dad. No texting. It’s unplugged Sunday”.  If  that is a lesson a 6 year old can learn, then we, as adults, surely have no excuses.

What are some of the ways you unplug?  I would love to hear your ideas.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Also, be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you get notified when I have new posts.