How Music Can Influence Your Creativity

This morning, I found myself staring at a blank page.  I knew I wanted to draw something, but had no idea what to actually draw.  

Ugh!  The old "staring at a blank page" syndrome. Whether it's creating art or writing words, we've all been there, right?   It can be frustrating.

Here's a quick tip that sometimes helps me out when I hit a creative block.  Turn on some music.

Yes, really.  Just turn on some music.  It can be anything that suits your mood.  It can be anything totally random.  It doesn't matter.

This morning I put my iTunes on to play some random music.  I found myself listening to the "Alice in Wonderland" movie them by Danny Elfman.  Before I knew it, my pen was moving around the page and the lines were starting to take shape.

That's how I ended up with the artwork you see below.  I let the music take my creative brain to a new and wonderful place.

Give it a try sometime and let me know how it works for you.

Peace and Live Creatively!  -Jason

"Sunday Morning Alice" artwork by Jason J Nicholas. Ink. 6" x 10"

"Sunday Morning Alice" artwork by Jason J Nicholas. Ink, crayons and colored pencils. 6" x 10"

20: Cardboard Box

Here I am back with another 42 Words to a Better You post.
And here I am again; ready to be your gracious host.
While you are reading, can I offer you a piece of toast?

White, wheat, grain, or vanilla crumbled corn rye?
Why not give something new a try?

Tired of being stuck in the same house wearing the same socks?
Then continue on to today’s words……… Cardboard Box… (or card-unbored box)

shark fish

photo courtesy of

Months have passed.  Time has flown.
Situations arose that has made one grown.

Not only grow upwards, downwards, sideways and think ways too.
But grow deep ways, voice ways, and feet ways that fill more than two shoes.

Sometimes it’s so easy in life to get sucked into the microcosm of one’s own being.
An endless vortex of the “whoa is me” type of seeing.

The feeling of being boxed in your own corrugated house.
Bored by the squeaks of the same un-oiled mouse.

But there’s not need to sit there and pout.
For there’s an arrow pointing with words, “This Way Out”.

Sure it’s easy to get bogged down in the daily grind and flounder.
But, need it be that way?  I merely ponder.

It’s realizing when it’s time to break out of this narrow minded focus that opens doors.
And reminds us there is an entire universe out there to explore.

Stepping back and taking fresh look through a set of new goggles,
sometimes makes it easier to see through the muck of apparent boggles.

Taking this new approach –a  blank slate sort of perspective.
Why not make it essential, not just an elective?

Choosing this approach cool thing-a-ma-wonks may occur.
(Yeah.  You busted me.  “Thing-a-ma-wonks” is a fake word.
But, hey, who is the author?)

The once overwhelming flow of the nine to five
may be transformed into a dance with a groovy jive.

What about the mish mosh of daily tasks, lists, and endless daunts?
They can be flipped on their ears and made into jaunts.

The overwhelming mountainous tasks that can dominate the landscape.
Can be broken down into small pieces like the shells from a clambake.

To quote a person from wisdom’s book of whose who ,
the ever so wise ancient Chinese philosopher– Lao-Tzu,

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
A profound lesson that under the carpet is often swept.

In summary, sum, and final wrap.
That was this.  And this was that.

A special thanks to my son who inspired this lesson.
From which he used a cardboard box to go on a space mission.

Oh, and why a fish disguised as a shark you might ask.
He’s a fish that’s ahead of his class.

For him, survival is cool.
So he’s being original and dressing to be a member of the shark school.


What are some of the ways you open your mind to new possibilities?

I would love for you to share your comments below.