Where’s Walden?

"Where's Walden?" inkling sketch courtesy of jasonjnicholas.com

So, do you ever think we’ve got it wrong? I mean, really wrong?

Putting the 9-5 before our family.

Allowing the pesky little things to become the large things by nagging at our heels.

Allowing fleeting moments to … well…be … fleeting moments and not savoring them.

Worrying about being perfect for others rather than celebrating our own identities.

Keeping up with the Joneses even when the Joneses can’t even keep up with themselves.

Unconsciously responding to the technological pinging of our gadgets.

Marching to the beat of the loudest drummer rather than the one that most resonates with you deep inside.

Being trampled upon by the stampede of people who were camped outside the big box store for days replacing the heartfelt intrinsic sentimental value of a crocheted scarf.

I am Jason.

This is not my Walden.

Hear me roar! (I think there’s an app for that).