29: Puddle

Ever get bogged down in being an adult and the responsibility that comes with the territory?  Ever lose sight of what it was like to be young and carefree?  Well, then today’s word may help to wash away these doldrums.  Today’s word in the continuing downpour of our 42 Words to a Better You blog series is………….

photo courtesy of @iStockphoto.com/buzzanimation

photo courtesy of @iStockphoto.com/buzzanimation

29.  Puddles

Sometimes we go through the 24/7 of life with our heads up in the clouds just plugging along and going through the motions.  The yen for life is overshadowed by the cats and dogs pouring down around us.  The Technicolor of life has been replaced by shades of gray (not 50.  Ha.)  I personally can relate to this being back in the scheduled world of 9-5.  I occasionally feel like my creativity level has succumbed to the daily motions.  How can we chase away these ho-hums?  Make a splash!

There is nothing more liberating than jumping into puddle.  The mere act of when your feet hit the water and the splash that results washes away all memory of being an adult and takes you back to a time when you were younger.  A time when the only thing that mattered was whether or not you’d be the last one picked for the kickball team.

Doing something silly or random and out of character can bring out your inner child.  When we experience these glimpses into our childhood, it breaks up the seemingly cloudy days and reignites that childlike yen for life.  This brief moment may just be enough to approach that daily task in a new light with a renewed sense of energy and wonder.

What is your “puddle”?  How are some of the ways you reconnect with those sometimes lost feelings of being carefree?   I would love to hear your thoughts.  Leave your comments below.  Also, be sure to subscribe to my blog for the latest updates.