The “I See More Red Cars” Theory and Creativity

Ears to You

Let’s say that you just bough a red car. Now, you notice more red cars on the road. Is this a coincidence? No. It’s a focus thing. Whatever you focus on, opens up some sort of channel in your mind’s eye, to allow what your are focusing on be magnified. I haven’t researched the science behind this yet, but, dang it, Jim, I’m an artist and not a neuroscientist.

We can apply this same concept to our creative minds.

What does this have to do with my photo above?

As you may know, I love to do inkling sketches that have hearts in them. I have somehow implanted this focus filter in my subconscious mind. I now see heart shapes in random places — even when I’m not looking for them.

This morning, I looked down at my dining room table and saw my earphones in the heart-shaped pattern you see in the photo. (by the way, why do they call them earphones? It’s not like anybody is dialing to talk to my lobes? But, I digress….)

We can take the “see more red cars” concept and apply it to our creative minds to allow us to see ordinary objects and the world around us in new and inspiring ways.

Well, now I’m off to go and buy a red Ferrari, I’ll let you know if I see more of them on the road. (Okay…I’m not really, but it doesn’t hurt to drive that idea into my brain.)

How are some ways you’ve experienced this? Share your ideas and comments.

17: M&M’s

Today’s word in our countdown on 42 Words to a better you journey is……


not only do they melt in your mouth, but they also melt the hearts of people everywhere.


photo courtesy of @istockphoto/plainview


I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing seminar event this weekend hosted by Ray Edwards, more of which you will be hearing about in a future post. At the hotel reception desk there is an M&M dispenser on the counter. Adjacent to the dispenser are small clear plastic cups. Free candy for the taking. Who could refuse?

When I first checked in, I was oblivious to the candy. Nervous about being in a strange place with absolutely nobody I knew was distracting my focus.

The first day at the seminar, I noticed a cup filled with the delicious bright-colored candy on a table in the seminar room. The person next to me offered me some.  I heard the buzz of M&M’s echoing throughout the room and halls that day.  They were a pure conversation starter.

Throughout the weekend, not only did the tables become more colorful with containers of candy l, but the entire room turned into a rainbow of pure joy and camaraderie.

I’m not sure if the hotel put the M&M’s out as a pure marketing device that would make the guests feel “at home” or if they are there as a pure friendly gesture, but who would have thought that something so simple could be so powerful in helping to bring people together.

M&M = ice breaker. Who would’ve thought?

What are some of the ways you break the ice?