27: Shift

Lately my back has been hurting.  I noticed that it would really ache after my daily commute.

The other morning, something dawned on me.  As a force of habit, I would always be seated in the same driving position with my body off center and leaning to the right.  That’s when I decided to crack my old habit and shift my body in a more upright and centered position.  I have been driving in this new position for a week or so, and it has helped me. My back is feeling much better.

However, “Dammit, Jim!”  I am not a doctor, I am a blogger.  And this is not a medical post.  This is a post about today’s word in our 42 Words to a Better You journey.  Today’s word is…………..

27. Shift

The basic definition of shift is to “make a change.”  We often get stuck in ruts, performing the same routines in life.  These patterns occur without us even thinking about them.  They are on automatic pilot.  My poor driving posture is one small example of what was a bad continuous action for me.  If I hadn’t made the shift in my sitting, my back may still be hurting.

Shifting or making changes can have positive impacts in our lives. Following  are just a few examples of things that can be shifted in our lives:

  • Focus: Shift the focus on helping yourself by focusing on helping others
  • Negative Patterns: Shift negative thought patterns of “I’m not good enough” to “I am perfect as I am supposed to be”.
  • Ordinary:  Shift the way you look at ordinary objects to see them in a different, perhaps more exciting, way.
  • Attitude:  Shift an attitude of “I don’t have enough” to “I have just exactly what I need”.

This is only a brief post on this topic.  For more insight on this topic, I recommend reading “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

How are some of the ways you can make a shift?  I would love for you to post your comments below.

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Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer