26 & 25: Ice Cream

This post is going to be short, sweet and sprinkled with some joy. I was going to save my most favorite words for the last blog entry in 42 Words to a Better You, but I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Without further adieu, here’s today’s scoop.  Today’s two scrumptious words are…..

26 & 25: Ice Cream

As some of you know, I love ice cream. I often joke that Ben & Jerry are my gods that I serve every day.  Why do I enjoy ice cream oh so much?

Well, I’ve waffled over different theories over the years. But, I tend to keep coming back to the same plain vanilla reason – memories. Indulging in a bowl of ice cream has the power of transporting me back in time to simpler, youthful days. Days when we would hit up the local DQ after playing a ball game. A time when the only responsibility had was being a kid and the road was not so rocky. A time when the dirtiest expression I ever “uddered” was “oh fudge”.

Sure, some may see this creamy indulgence of mine as a mere escape mechanism from dealing with the present moment, but, I see it as way to harness those childlike and pure feelings of my younger days and incorporate them into today’s world of split decision making. Once you become an adult, nobody is spoon feeding answers to you.  It’s easy to to feel all twisted inside having to make your own decisions.  The menu flavor board of life can seem a bit overwhelming.

It’s up to you to decide how to handle things when your brain freezes. For me, instead of melting into a puddle of unknowingness, I will sometimes approach situations by transporting my mind back to those ancient days of yor-eo sundaes. The days when my mind was less cluttered and focused on the wonders of life.  This fresh perspective can sometimes be the cherry on top that takes a potential mental licking and turns it into sweet memory.

What are some things that transport you back to your days of childhood that can give you a fresh perspective?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comments below.