19: Imagination

is something where your brains thinks of stuff that is not real.” – my 6 year old


Imagination is also the holding place where ideas and visions are not only created, for me is the ultimate gift. A gift that you can truly call your own. Nobody can access your imagination. Nobody can tell you what to imagine. It’ s a private storehouse of all that you want to create and that which you want to bring to life.

I try to get my ideas out onto into some sort of tangible/visible form. This way it empties my imagination and keeps it open for more. What are some ways to capture your imagination and put it into a tangible form? Some of the ways I do this are:

1. Journals/Sketchbooks. – Wow. What a great way to capture those thoughts. The mere act of writing or drawing what is inside your head can be a fantastic catalyst to making those wants or desires come to life.

2. MInd Mapping – mind maps are a fantastic method of free flow thinking and linking those thoughts together and seeing what were once random patterns now making more sense.

3. Record your thoughts. A great way to get those ideas out of your imagination when you are driving. Use your favorite recording app on your smart phone. ‘better out than in’.

4. Create. Build. Get those inner visions out by creating or building what’s inside. when working on some design projects, I will cut pieces of cardboard and glue them together to help get the concept out of my imagination and into a tangible form.

5. Collaborate. Share your visions with other. Collaboration and feedback can be inspiring. Since December, I have been sharing a daily inkling or sketch with followers on Facebook, twitter, and my website. My goal in sharing my thoughts is to not only inspire, but to be inspired by feedback.

Although when you do this, when you put your ideas out there in the public realm, you have to be prepared for resistance from others. Resistance in the form of thins like, “what is that sketch supposed to be”, “that doesn’t look like so and so”, “that idea will never work”.

I see these types of resistance as blessings..as reminders of my imagination being a gift that I can truly call my own. I have only scratched the surface of this topic. I am sure there will be more posts about it.

What are some of the ways your capture the ideas in your imagination?