Sore Throat – A Lozenge in Life


Want some “sucrets” on more effective and efficient communication? This post is for you.

So, just recently I somehow incurred the wrath of a throat infection. It hurt so bad, that I could not even swallow. Talking wasn’t much fun either…so I didn’t. The less I talked, the better my throat felt. I kept what I had to say down to a bare minimum. My words were limited to get my thoughts across. And, this, my friends, is when I learned a valuable ‘lozenge’ in life……

The ability to speak…to transfer impulses of electric stimuli from the brain and out of the mouth is simply awesome. I don’t know the physical components of how the process works, but I do know that it is something that we tend to take for granted. We think. We talk. Or, sometimes, we talk before we think. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has done that, right? Fess up. I know you wanna. 😉

The gift of speech is something to be treasured and nurtured. We all have our unique approaches, styles, and methods of presenting our words, but sometimes, there are more succinct (no…you don’t have use fancy words like that) ways to get to the point and heart of the person or audience you want to connect with.

In this day of what I call our “on demand” society, we don’t always have the luxury to ramble on about a topic to get our ideas across. Instant gratification is a necessity. Attention spans are shorter. The impact needs to be immediate and effective. (and if you are still reading this, than maybe I’m doing something right. If you stopped reading this, then, well, I guess I lost your attention and you wouldn’t even know I said that because you weren’t reading this.)

What are some ways to be more effective in getting your point across verbally? (Visually is another whole topic that I will be featuring in detail in the near future. Stay tuned.)

Here are 5 suggestions:

Jargon: Speak the language of your audience. Use the terminology, buzz words, etc., that they use in their conversation.

Ask: Ask effective questions to deliver accurate responses.

Speak from the heart: Put emotion into what you are saying. Emotion combined with words can definitely get a point across. By the way, this is something that I have found can get totally lost in email communication…no emotion to back the words can lead to misinterpreted text.

On point: Don’t ramble. Spit it out. Rambling can cause your audience to lose interest.

Never doubt what you say. Say your words with conviction. Believe in the power of your speech.

Give some of these a try and I’m sure you will see (hear) your communication become more direct and respected. Since I have been trying these out, I have found that more people are listening to what I am saying.

What are some tips you have for more effective and efficient communication? I would love to hear them. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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