Doggone It! Inkling Sketch

Doggone It! inkling sketch courtesy of

Not sure where this puppy came from, but that's the beauty of doing my morning inkling sketches.  When I first wake up, I put pen to paper and just start sketching and let the lines come out.  I find that by emptying my head in the morning is meditative and allows me to start the new day with the blank canvas of my mind.  Inklings are a great tool that allow you to Live Creatively!  - Jason J Nicholas

The Inner Tube Kid

"The Inner Tube Kid" inkling sketch courtesy of

Not even the spiky cactus can put a hole in the Inner Tube Kid's day! 

Be proud of your character, hold your head up high, climb on your noble steed, and ride off into the sunset as a hero!

Hearts United

"hearts united" inkling sketch courtesy of

My biggest take away from 2014.......

Even through the most tragic of times from the loss of loved ones, there is a certain beauty that unfolds in the connection of the hearts of the people in your life.

Live 2015 not with resolutions, but with a theme such as joy, peace, or compassion.

Happy New Year!