King of Pop Tarts

For your amusement, the following is a re-post from my early day of blogging…when I actually highlighted the puns out of desperation so they would not be missed.  Egads….. lol.


Warning….The following blog entry was concocted as a desperate attempt to keep my brain awake while driving home this evening from a long road trip and may not make any sense whatsoever.  Read and digest at your own risk!

Life is sprinkled with serendipitous moments. These unexpected
instances of the perfect timing of random elements can be quite amazing. They are like the frosting on the cake of life. We just need to be aware and live in the moment to experience them. For example, one such instance of serendipity graced itself in my life today.

I was driving home today from a long road trip. Ok, no big deal there. But, wait, keep reading. We were listening to the radio and “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson comes on. So, I look in the rear view mirror at my son who is eating a Pop-tart.  Blueberry flavor, if you are wondering. And, no, Pop-tarts are not the best snack for eating in the car unless you love using your Dyson cordless vacuum. But, that is a blog for another day.

So, if you are still reading this either you are either 1) Really intrigued.  2) Really bored. Or  3)  Being punished for being a smooth criminal.  Hear me out. This is going to be a real thriller.

Here’s the spark of ingenuity that was laid out before me in black or white.  The “King of Pop” is playing on the radio while my son is eating a Pop-tart. That’s the
moment of beauty. The moment of unpredictability. The  a-ha moment of, “why not combine the King of Pop with Pop-Tarts and come up with the title for a blog called “The King of Pop-Tarts.” (insert big smile here).

I may not have been able to heal the world with this blog entry.  And I certainly hope you didn’t think it was really bad and made you scream.   It’s my goal to wanna be startin’ somethin’ with you.  Start a daily awareness to make you see that wonderful coincidences surround us every day—and they may even have a purpose.

Well, that wraps up this entry.  I’m sure you want me to beat it and get out of here. So, I’m off now to see if I can find any classic Billie Jean King tennis matches to watch. OOOh, wait!….Billie…Jean…King…of Pop-Tarts……………..  nah.  Never mind. Now, I’m pushing it.

Life……live it to the fullest.

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