Ink-spirations: Art Workshops & Classes

 Satya Boutique Studio.  19 Main Street, Sparta, New Jersey. 

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Workshop and Class Descriptions

Space is limited for all classes.  Pre-registration is required. 

To register for a class/workshop, email me at   or phone: 973-663-0505

Watercolor Your World 

2 Hours.  $35/per person

Ages 18 - over

These 2 hour watercolor workshops are a b.y.o.b. event where you will paint a watercolor painting along with Jason. The main purpose of these workshop is chill out and unleash your inner creativity in a fun and friendly atmosphere. No painting or art skills required. We will supply all the materials you need and you get to leave with the masterpiece you created.

Art Journaling

2 Hour Classes. $50/3 classes or $20/class

Ages 13 - over

I believe in the power of "Getting it out of your head and onto paper".  In this 3 class workshop you will explore your inner self through artistic expression by creating an art journal through a series of guided exercises.  It's a great way to connect with your soul!

Imagination Workshop

3 class workshop. 1 hour each.  

All 3 classes - $40   -or-  $15/class

Ages 5 - 10

We will explore the importance and power of imagination through a series of creative art exercises inspired from the likes of Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss. All types of art medium will be used ranging from crayons to markers, to watercolor paints. At the end of the 3 class workshop, the students will leave with a creative journal they made during the classes.

Color Your Way to Meditation


Ages 7 and up

Coloring is the latest craze. Come and color with us in a peaceful setting. Each group coloring class will begin with a peaceful meditation helping you to clear your mind and set the mood for getting lost in a world of coloring pages. You may bring your own coloring books and supplies or use what we provide.

Intention Card Creation

1 Class. 2 hours. $15/class

Ages 15- over

Our minds are our most precious gifts and being able to focus our thoughts can help bring clarity and direction. This class will help you to get your intentions and dreams/desires in life out of your head and organized by creating intention cards. You will leave the class with your own intention cards and/or vision boards that you created in class.

Creative Coaching

Private Art Classes

Contact me for more information.

Let me help you one on one to inspire and achieve your goals in your personal and professional life through the use of creativity.

About the Artist

Born with a pencil in my mouth, I have always been passionate about exploring my creativity (don't worry, the pencil wasn't sharpened).

From my childhood architectural dreams to my heart-warming artwork and humor, I express my inner creativity by sharing the gift of my imagination.

Some say I am a combination of Mike Brady and Bob Ross with a touch of Dr. Seuss (without the six kids, cool afro, nor Wocket in my pocket).

My goal is to be an "ink-spirational" mentor and encourage others to express their inner creativity.

I got a chance to attend the trial run of Watercolor Your World Class and it was so much fun!  It was very relaxing, an new spin on the paint nights popping up right now.  Working with watercolor was very cool - more room for creativity.  We had a great teacher - Jason! The atmosphere, serene music, and class vibe was great! Thanks for having us, we look forward to coming back! xoxo


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Help me share the love of creativity ........