17: M&M’s

Today’s word in our countdown on 42 Words to a better you journey is……


not only do they melt in your mouth, but they also melt the hearts of people everywhere.


photo courtesy of @istockphoto/plainview


I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing seminar event this weekend hosted by Ray Edwards, more of which you will be hearing about in a future post. At the hotel reception desk there is an M&M dispenser on the counter. Adjacent to the dispenser are small clear plastic cups. Free candy for the taking. Who could refuse?

When I first checked in, I was oblivious to the candy. Nervous about being in a strange place with absolutely nobody I knew was distracting my focus.

The first day at the seminar, I noticed a cup filled with the delicious bright-colored candy on a table in the seminar room. The person next to me offered me some.  I heard the buzz of M&M’s echoing throughout the room and halls that day.  They were a pure conversation starter.

Throughout the weekend, not only did the tables become more colorful with containers of candy l, but the entire room turned into a rainbow of pure joy and camaraderie.

I’m not sure if the hotel put the M&M’s out as a pure marketing device that would make the guests feel “at home” or if they are there as a pure friendly gesture, but who would have thought that something so simple could be so powerful in helping to bring people together.

M&M = ice breaker. Who would’ve thought?

What are some of the ways you break the ice?


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